Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Cure for Today's Fears in Comic Book Form!

From Rosencrantz Comics, the graphic novel division of Bayeux Arts:

My Modern Panic is upon us! 

Short stories by James Davidge about the end of times, the best of times, all that lies in between and even what ventures beyond! 

Featuring art by Fiona Staples, Ben Leung, Judd Palmer, Nathan Millar, Eric Jordan, Nick Johnson & Bob Prodor!

Includes an introduction by acclaimed sustainability journalist and Calgary Centre Green Party candidate Chris Turner.

On sale at booksellers across the country, as well as through Chapters/Indigo, Amazon and other online retailers.

My Modern Panic is available on the Comics+ app!

James Davidge was recently interviewed by the Calgary Herald and Metro News.

Thank you to Shelf Life Books for hosting a great launch, to the speakers for their lively discussion and to the artists for their presence!  Also, cheers to Cowpuncher for premiering their newest music video (featuring a comic by James Davidge and Fiona Staples) at the event!