Driftwood Saga

The Driftwood Saga is a five volume series of modern fantasy novels suitable for readers aged nine and older about a young girl raised as a sorcerous on Ellesmere Island, who uses heartfelt magic to take on various social problems including child labour, illegal whaling, aggressive logging practices and the military-industrial complex.

Featuring covers by superstar comic-artist Fiona Staples with illustrations by Eric Jordan and Governal General's Literary Award nominee Judd Palmer.

Not until she is sixteen does Driftwood leave Ellesmere Island, the most northern land in the world, for the first time to begin working as a counselor at Camp Magee in British Columbia.  Her fun with her new camp friends is interrupted when the last session of kids arrive all entirely addicted to small video game boxes.  None will do a single outdoor activity.  They growl and try to bite if anyone interrupts the playing of their repetitive consoles.  Why is a shy young northern girl the best hope in finding a way to free the children from their electronic chains?

The Driftwood Saga continues in an exciting adventure full of ghosts, goddesses, giants, magical creatures, time travel and camp games.
Summoned by the ghost of a slain boy, Driftwood the young magician and her best friend, Rose, journey to Africa to free children from a slave cocoa farm.  Another tortured spirit then leads them to China in an attempt to free young factory workers.  Meanwhile, Hans Blekansit, Driftwood’s evil father, is turning his employees into giants that roam the country eating forests and mountains to spew out Blekan-Marts, stores which are selling cheap products created by enslaved children.  Will Driftwood be able to grapple with the complex problems and monstrous forces that confront her at every turn?       
Angering the Inuit sea goddess Sedna brings about powerful visions and overwhelming abilities for the young sorceress Driftwood Ellesmere. Giants created by Hans Blekansit continue to spew Blekan-Marts all over the world.  Odin, Thor and other Norse Gods return to Earth to conduct illegal whaling.  A surprise reunion helps Harry Blekansit finally get off the toilet.  Amidst all the chaos Driftwood and Rose become celebrities caught up in a strange merchandizing deal. And to top things off Driftwood never seems to having any success talking to Tide, the boy she likes from Camp Magee.  Will our heroine ever figure out how to cope with the wild world around her?

Hans Blekansit, estranged father of the young sorceress Driftwood Ellesmere and ruthless businessman, is aggressively logging the Stoltmann Wilderness Area.  As Driftwood and her friends fight to defend the land near Camp Magee, she is magically transported to Atlatopia, the planet of the Necessary Forest and eventual victim to the evilly efficient systems of the Poison Tree of Bureaucracy.  On this wild new world Driftwood encounters many entities including famed philosopher Sir Thomas More, Morphaleafus the Dreaming Tree and an unlikely ghost from her past.  Will these diverse beings be able to assist the adept magician at thwarting the Poison Tree’s ruthless grip that threatens to uproot the joy from this plant paradise?

 Driftwood's War

To increase profits, Hans Blekansit is threatening to bring the world into a horrible war.  Meanwhile, Driftwood struggles with the rigourous magic instruction at the Regimental Conservatory of the Order of the Good and True but gets equally frustrated with the peaceful yet aimless nature of the Free Spirit Gathering.  On top of all that, she never seems to have anytime to spend with Tide, even after he asked her out.  Finding it difficult to fit in anywhere, how will our young sorceress tackle the overwhelming might of the military industrial complex?