Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oct. 4th Book Launch, Video Release and Community Discussion

Rosencrantz Comics, the graphic novel imprint of Bayeux Arts, is pleased to announce the release of My Modern Panic: Short Stories by James Davidge with art by Nick Johnson, Eric Jordan, Ben Leung,  Nathan Millar, Judd Palmer, Bob Prodor and Fiona Staples.
To celebrate the release there will be a launch at Shelf Life Books in Calgary (1302 – 4 St. SW) on October 4th at 7:30 pm.  The event will include the premiere of “Kill all the Artists”, the second Cowpuncher music video to feature a My Modern Panic story by James Davidge and Fiona Staples.  There will also be a community discussion on “Activism and the Arts” with special guests Xstine Cook (Bluebird short film), Col Ceske (Verb Theatre), Beth Ed (Alberta Views Magazine) and Sharon Stevens (
Author James Davidge (Thirteen Minutes, Mathemagick & Mystiphysics, The Driftwood Saga) collaborates with a brilliant and diverse group of illustrators to produce a playful yet socially-concerned set of stories.  What if the upper class of society started to collect and display the homeless as art?  Could a sustainable farm be built on a defunct off-shore oil rig by utilizing guidance and funding from a talking goldfish?  Can Davidge reconcile with his own youthful sins of pulling the hair of a girl he liked, taunting someone entirely undeserving and abandoning one of his best friends?  Journey with ancient alchemist Hermes Trismegestus as he poetically presents these absurd tales of heart, humour and woe.   Featuring two stories with art by Eisner nominee and Shuster  Award winner Fiona Staples!
“[Davidge has]…taken one of the most beloved and accessible popular arts, the multi-story comic book, and pointed its tricks and tropes at a range of modern panics: catastrophic climate change, endemic poverty, oil dependency and ecological decline. Framing these varied dreamscapes with a nifty homage to the classic EC horror comics of the 1950s, Davidge suggests a novel way of confronting and dispelling the nightmares of our day – he turns them into ghost stories and fables, tales of dark horror that can be overcome by an enlightened mind.”

            -From the introduction by Calgary Centre Green Party Candidate Chris Turner (The Leap, The Geography of Hope)