Saturday, October 22, 2011

Coming in Autumn 2012 from Bayeux Arts

My Modern Panic
Short Stories by James Davidge
Artwork by Fiona Staples, Judd Palmer, Bob Prodor, Nick Johnson, Nathan Millar, Eric Jordan and others
96 pages, black and white illustrations
Cover by Nick Johnson

Bestselling author James Davidge (Thirteen Minutes, Mathemagick & Mystiphysics, The Driftwood Saga) collaborates with a brilliant and diverse group of illustrators to produce a playful yet socially-concerned collection of comic and prose stories. What if the upper class of society started to collect and display the homeless as art? Could a sustainable farm be built on a defunct off-shore oil rig by utilizing guidance and funding from a talking goldfish? Can Davidge reconcile with his own youthful sins of pulling the hair of a girl he liked, taunting someone entirely undeserving and abandoning one of his best friends? Journey with ancient alchemist Hermes Trismegestus as he poetically presents these absurd tales of heart, humor and whoe.