Thursday, January 6, 2011

Panic Panic Everywhere and Not a Blog to Think

I have recently put up some short stories of mine in a companion blog entitled "My Modern Panic". Visit by clicking on the link at the above right. Often these tales are ways that I explore various sociopolitical anguishes in a playfully contemplative manner.

Currently there are four comic stories...

Spiralling into Now Here with art by Fiona Staples asks what if NASA was keeping it secret that global warming was actually being caused by us moving ever closer to the sun?

Nouveau Hobo with art by Fiona Staples explores what might happen if homeless people were suddenly made into artistic commodities.

Sins or Folly? with art by Nick Johnson has me confessing five transgressions from my youth.

Punk Wild Beautiful with art by Nathan Millar takes some characters from dystopian literature and puts them into the somewhat modern day setting of the mid-eighties.

...and two prose stories...

Love and Murder on Atlantic Avenue combines ghost stories with the conflicting characters that we find at anti-war rallies.

An Island of Sustainable Dreams is a tale of magic realism about trying to turn a defunct off-shore oil-rig into an organic farm.

All free to view online or download into your portable reader. Yeehah!